Marketing in Vancouver

Today marketing in Vancouver is similar to marketing anywhere else as today’s marketing is aimed at a worldwide audience and not just a local audience. Of course, a Vancouver business may opt to use some local offline marketing strategies but usually their main marketing strategy today will be focused online and use Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO Vancouver is the same as SEO anywhere as it is the use of keywords to get the attention of search engines when they are making requested online searches. By getting the attention of the search engine by using strategically placed keywords, the search engine will place the website with those keywords, at the top of its list of results, ensuring that it has more chance of being seen and visited.

SEO does not just keywords as its only strategy as it also uses back linking and PPC advertising as necessary in order to make a website as visible as possible. This use of SEO is perhaps the most popular form of online marketing used today as all those visitors are potential new clients. Although SEO is mainly thought of as a way in which to attract extra visitors to a website, most SEO specialists are also website designers and website developers and so are the same people that should be used to create the most effective and efficient websites.

When SEO attracts visitors to a website, it will usually be to that site’s homepage and so the design of the homepage is very important as it will be the page that determines if a visitor will stay on the site to explore it further or will move on to another website. The homepage must therefore be of high quality and of a style that will appeal to most visitors and it is the experience that the SEO specialists have that will help businesses achieve that goal with their website. Two of the most important features that the homepage should have are an easy to follow site map. This is a map showing visitors what they can find on other pages of the website and so the easier it is to follow, the quicker they will be able to find what they are interested in. Without the map they could spend precious time clicking through things they are not interested in, losing interest in the site before they find what it is they wanted. The second feature that the homepage should have is a contact page. This is a page with details of how the business can be contacted if the visitor has any questions or requests. This site should of course therefore contain telephone numbers, E-mail addresses and perhaps even a mailing or street address.

Online marketing is now becoming far more popular than offline marketing such as adverts in local papers or billboards as online marketing reaches a far greater number of people and those numbers will continue to increase as the internet becomes even more popular and the first place people check when wanting anything.